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The color separation three-dimensional image formation technolo

According to the year intermediate stage's points, China contact lenses retail market result is good, the GfK analyst still held the optimistic attitude to this area, estimated that the Chinese eyeglasses sale will amount to will increase compared to years near figure, the Chinese eyeglasses sale amounts to will achieve hundred million US dollars, the oakley sunglasses sale contact lenses will be hundred million US dollars. In recent years the D movie popular world-wide, "Distortion Jin'gang" the such D big piece followed on somebody's heels. Some people complained that the eyeglasses bring not to be uncomfortable, even on the screen is the double image, does not have the stereoscopic effect. The expert reminds, this possibly is the eye had problems, observes the D movie not to be uncomfortable investigates the swiveleye, the lazy eyes first. D eyeglasses principle:

The color separation three-dimensional image formation technology, is the phantom which photographs with two different angles of view in respectively by two kind of different color prints in the identical vice-picture. The words which watches with the naked eye will present the fuzzy double image image, only then and so on three-dimensional eyeglasses only then may see through the corresponding safflower the stereoscopic effect, will be carries on red and the oakley sunglasses online blue color filtration to the color, the red phantom through the red lens blue color through the blue color lens, two eyes saw the different phantom will overlap present the D stereoscopic effect in the cerebrum. Beijing University People's Hospital Ophthalmology department physician-in-charge Wu Xi said: D is one kind of vision deep space stereoscopic effect, the cerebrum must construct this kind of scene, must depend upon both eyes to complete. If only depends on the simple eye to regard the thing, forms this kind of alone body feeling with difficulty.

The swiveleye, the lazy eyes are easiest to present the D barrier. Wu Xi indicated that the swiveleye and the lazy eyes crowd is easiest to present the D barrier. The swiveleye patient is taken bad since childhood generally, if does not carry on the oakley australia sunglasses correction, the binocular angle of view varies, routine will use an eye to look at the thing, will thus not have the three-dimensional function establishment; But the lazy eyes patient the binocular vision strong and the weak difference is often big, strong trend eye hold dominant position, also will lose the stereoscopic view ability. Before the swiveleye, the lazy eyes year old, corrects well. Chinese medicine Academy of science Eye clinic Ophthalmology department Director Xie Like prompts, the swiveleye and the lazy eyes the disease incidence rate are high in the child young people. Should from the child ~ year old, carry on the convention check by sight regularly. Year old before accepts the correction the child, restores the normal probability to be high. Wu Xi reminds various guardians, regarding age young child, if discovered that has the look not to be right, situations and so on two looking at each other, should go see cheap oakley sunglasses australia a doctor promptly to the hospital, through has one's eyes tested and wear methods and so on eyeglasses, carries on the early correction. The massage, acupuncture may govern the swiveleye, the lazy eyes. Regarding the child lazy eyes, Xie Like indicated that in doctor under the instruction, after dispersing the pupil optometry, has one's eyes tested and wear glasses the eyeglasses is the basic correction method.


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